Jive Introduces New Employee Engagement Solution

By CIOReview | Tuesday, March 22, 2016

FREMONT, CA: Jive Software, a provider of collaboration and communication solutions for businesses, announces the launch of a new employee engagement solution supporting corporate communications at JiveWorld16 . Jive Daily, a mobile intranet app allowing users to share photos, create documents and mention places within the app, was launched by the company.In addition to this, the company also releases updates for some of its current products.

The firm has also mentioned the upcoming features such as added security enhancements, localization tools and enhanced metrics. A dashboard for an event center and event performance will be featured for enhancing the overall customer engagement. Collaboration with Sysomos in the near future will grant social listening features for companies to improve customer satisfaction.

“We continue to innovate employee and customer engagement experiences that are at the core of a great business – whether by connecting 30,000 employees across the world, improving collaboration amongst a small team, or creating stronger relationships with millions of prospects, customers and partners,” states  Ofer Ben-David, EVP, Engineering, Jive Software.

Jive Software is trying to establish a position in the healthcare sector, after a strong performance in automotive and finance sectors.  Jive’s Healthcare Collaboration has forged an HIPAA-compliant messaging hub, enabling clinicians to implement a real-time collaboration process. Healthcare providers can participate in the discussions with peers at the private support center and have an easy access to documents.

The company’s latest product includes a bundle of corporate communications. The product has been designed to boost employee engagement. It can also be customized further to meet the demands of an individual organization.

 "The fact that buyers are interested in greater sophistication while considering a collaboration software. The company yields vertical expertise in the field of communication and are capable enough to offer robust and sophisticated solutions," adds David Macmillan, head EMEA, Jive.