jKool Announces Operational Intelligence Support for DataStax Enterprise

By CIOReview | Tuesday, September 1, 2015

MELVILLE, NY: jKool, a provider of cloud based services for operational intelligence and visualization, announces operational intelligence support to DataStax Enterprise, a provider of Apache Cassandra (database management system) in a database platform. The users of DataStax Enterprise will now be able to visualize and analyze operational and machine data obtained from their DataStar implementations on jKool dashboard.

jKool’s support to DataStax provides visualization and analysis of the availability of file systems, operating systems and memory. Adding to that it provides insights into runtimes, DSE tasks, and dropped counts. It ingests DSE logs and can identify hung tasks and many other exceptions that impact DSE cluster performance and availability.

jKool’s capability to identify problems provides value to businesses, using DSE as the platform for their applications. Jkool’s insight helps reducing risks and can improve the productivity of the DevOps and application support teams responsible for DSE. jKool can be used with DSE OpCenter, which is a web based visual monitoring solution. jKool’s dashboard that is now accessible to DSE users, includes behavior, performance, location and topology displayed on it.

“In today’s data-driven world, enterprises need to quickly capitalize on the data contained in their operational database systems to make decisions to better serve customers and drive business, jKool provides users with a visual analytical solution to quickly capture and explore insight in their IT environment,” says Matt Pfeil, Chief Customer Office and co-founder, DataStax.