jKool RESTful API Makes Data Flow Easy in IBM Bluemix

By CIOReview | Friday, October 30, 2015

MELVILLLE, NY: jKool, provider of open source technology and cloud-based services to integrate its jKool RESTful API into the IBM Bluemix platform. Providing Bluemix developers with seamless analysis and visualization options over their application data, the solution streamlines time-series data like orders, clicks payments, claims and other event type data with real-time operational intelligence in IBM Cloud platform.  

Bluemix by leveraging the jKool RESTful API solution delivers at ease JSON to the cloud service. This helps developers and DevOps professionals to proactively simplify their workload with better results. The solution’s integration with Swagger facilitates developers to utilize SDK Generator to automatically develop client API thus, making jKool Cloud Service engagements handy.

The jKool SaaS contains automated visualization capability for interaction data where it can use any RESTful source including Java, Log4j, Logback, SLF4J, Servlets, Syslog and Apache Spark on a real-time base.

"Until recently, analyzing and visualizing streaming data in real-time with the ability to compare that to historical data was just not possible for most businesses,” says Charley Rich, vice president of product management at jKool. “jKool’s new RESTful API for streaming time-series data makes it easy for DevOps to add real-time analysis and visualization to their applications. jKool analyzes data in-memory, offers extreme scalability and provides you with the vital information you need to act now.”

The platform adds value to the DevOps practitioners by catering to their demands to spot and rectify issues faster with assured instant delivery of releases efficiently.  It can help in analyzing Java Garbage Collection behavior, detecting security issues and providing immediate insight into business upshots through real-time analysis of machine data. The companies claim that the customers will enjoy better satisfaction over services delivered due to its high quality applications.  

jKool’s visualization incorporates behavior, performance, location and topology showcased on a real-time scorecard. With the aid of English-like query language, users can subscribe to their respective topics and can clarify their queries.

 jKool being a multi tenant solution is based on Apache open-source foundation with Apache open-source foundation in addition  to Kafka, Spark and STORM that are orchestrated in terms through jKool FatPipes technology.  Users can make optimum use of the solution where they can take advantage of derived insights, foresee losses and discover new opportunities.