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Jobs that will be driven by artificial intelligence

By CIOReview | Friday, December 14, 2018

Organizations are adopting artificial intelligence (AI) worldwide to boost productivity and profitability. AI makes jobs easier, saves time and accomplishes with accuracy. AI-driven automation and computerization are going to change the face of employment eventually. Following are some of today’s jobs that will be replaced by AI: 

Law enforcement: AI will allow police stations to go unmanned and deliver necessary services in a better way. There will be no need to gather information, which takes a lot of time and efforts, the cutting-edge AI technology will access all the individuals' information as soon as sees the person’s face. 

Driver: Today self-driving cars can successfully drive thousands of miles. AI-powered cars are able to avoid traffic jams, accidents, or other unavoidable circumstances by using machine-learning algorithms. They can take necessary actions if any accidents happen as immediately call ambulance and physicians, advise how to take care primarily. Also, the freight truck drivers will be replaced by automation-driven trucks. It will be easier to handle large sets of machines and furniture by automation rather than manual.   

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Financial analyst: The job of financial analysts based on huge paper works. AI will replace all the paper works, and besides, the predictive analysis will be able to predict the financial assessments with accuracy. The software can download the annual reports and store them by date, go through all the financials, try to find anomalies, or compare with other companies. 

Telemarketer and customer service assistant: Telemarketing is used to happen in a crowded call center, with the groups of representatives who are busy with the cold-calling every day. Chatbots will change the methods by following the same idea. Companies will not need human telemarketers anymore. Chatbots are able to accept the queries of customers and solve it. Moreover, they can catch the emotions of the callers and react according to that.  

Construction worker: Construction will be one of the most leveraged sectors by automation. A study by the Midwest Economic Policy Institute (MEPI) estimates that the number of 2057 robots can replace 2.7M jobs in the construction sector. The sector has a high potential for unpredictable and hazardous physical work, which can be replaced by automated robots.

Technology doesn’t replace job; it replaces types of tasks. With many replaced tasks, also many technology-handling tasks will come in the picture.

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