Joint Forces of Page Vault and TM Cloud to Guard against Online Counterfeits

By CIOReview | Tuesday, August 11, 2015

CHICAGO, IL: TM Cloud and Page Vault partner to guard Intellectual property lawyers against online counterfeits. The indefinite expansion in online marketplaces has been luring online counterfeiters of branded consumer goods in keeping a lead ahead of those brands when it comes to protecting their valuable intellectual property.  Making them more vulnerable to online counterfeit.

TM Cloud is known to produce visionary Trademark and IP docketing and record keeping system  and covers the entire life cycle of Intellectual Property matters. TM Cloud provides users with the newest navigation tools to seamlessly blend all workflows required daily. It offers turnkey solution while also being completely user customizable and requires less time for configuration, making it cost and time efficient. 

The trademark infringers usually display counterfeited products for sale online, quickly setting up and removing web pages which avoids detection by anti-counterfeiting investigators. Current investigation process is tedious, and follows inefficient protocols that eventually compromise the quality of evidence. Outsourcing the data collected to forensic specialists is again an expensive and time-consuming practice where the infringing sites get to clear out before the specialist makes the capture.

Page Vault enters the scenario with its unique, patent-pending architecture, keeping anti counterfeiters at highest priority. Here it can maintain and document the digital chain of custody and securely archive the website captures online.

“We are excited to introduce Page Vault to our clients--it will allow them to quickly and accurately capture online evidence of trademark infringement,” says Lucinda Stevenson, CEO of TM Cloud. “Page Vault definitely fills a gap in anti-counterfeiting software.”