Joint Trial between Ericsson and Verizon Opens Up Opportunity for IoT Devices

By CIOReview | Monday, January 11, 2016

FREMONT, CA: IoT always has been active in boasting latest innovation and soaring high demand. In the light of this, Ericsson and Verizon have announced a joint venture for the development and deployment of cellular Low-Power Wide Area (LPWA) networking. The move benefits a wide range of IoT applications including customer and industrial applications, which can be supported by today’s mobile networks.

Adam Koeppe, Vice President, Network Technology and Planning, Verizon, says: "Verizon's nationwide LTE network provides an ideal platform for the acceleration of IoT applications that benefit consumers, industry and cities. We're committed to simplifying IoT and have introduced a developer platform - ThingSpace - and new network advancements that do just that”.

17A Networks Software being the latest of Ericson’s proprietary solution addresses a wide range of IoT devices and their connectivity requirements. The software is integrated with key features that support Smart Cities, Smart Metering, and Smart Agriculture. Furthermore, it allows the operators to address the full diversity of IoT use cases, across their networks.

Ericsson's new software enables Verizon to expand the coverage of low-cost IoT devices by extending its battery life. LTE is able to support both high-capacities as well as low-capacity applications. The LPWA solution from Ericsson scales Verizon’s LTE network to connect a wide variety of IoT use cases. It meets the connectivity requirement for lower power, cost effective and reduced complex IoT devices.

On the upcoming days, the joint trial between Ericsson and Verizon will focus on live network testing of IoT use case Scenarios like connected scooters/bikes, smart metering and grid management, water quality monitoring, smart agriculture and wearables.