Juniper Networks Launches New Security Portfolio 'The Firefly Suite'
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Juniper Networks Launches New Security Portfolio 'The Firefly Suite'

By CIOReview | Tuesday, January 28, 2014

California: Juniper networks have introduced its new security platform christened ‘Firefly Suite’ prior to the 2014 RSA Show. This platform claims to reduce the hassles for IT admins, as it comes with a trouble-free setup process along with other features like easy to create, attach and change security policies consistently across the network.

According to the company, the Firefly Suite is designed to provide granular, dynamic and secure connectivity for the private and public cloud is also hyped to protect the virtual workload while navigating freely between the physical and virtual firewalls.

The suite is composed of three different parts: the Firefly Perimeter, Firefly Host and Junos Space Virtual Director. The Firefly Perimeter is the virtual and software-based version of the Juniper's SRX Series Services Gateway, or high-performance website and routers for service providers and other enterprise clients. The Firefly Host is a purpose built firewall to navigate traffic between and protecting virtual machines; While Junos Space Virtual Director is an application dedicated to the lifecycle management of Firefly Perimeter virtual machines.

“Juniper's Firefly Suite allows companies to attach, create and manage security policy across physical and virtual firewalls with a high level of flexibility supporting error-free, fast scale out deployment for the most demanding environments,” said Michael Callahan, Vice President Global Product Marketing, Security Business Unit, Juniper Networks.

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