Juniper Networks Partners RAND and Unveils New Models for Cybersecurity

By CIOReview | Monday, June 29, 2015

FREMONT, CA: Juniper Networks, a network innovation company, partners with the RAND Corporation, a think tanks nonprofit institution unveiled new models. The two companies partners to protect against the complex economics and security threats of the companies. It aims to secure and improve various companies infrastructure with their insights to make people-centric investment.

RAND developed ‘The Defender’s Dliemma: Charting a Course Towards Cybersecurity’ by examining the in-depth report of economic and cybersecurity experts. The model points out the causes, impact, and measures to reduce cyber threats face by many companies.

Juniper emphasizes companies to invest on security and risk management as a discrete business function and highlighted five models confirmed by RAND for cybersecurity. The models includes: Evaluation of tools investment- focus to improve security management, automation, policy enforcement across corporate network, securities technologies such as sandboxing or antivirus. IoT- adopting proper management and securities technologies. Investment- advanced security training for employees, and hiring additional security staff. No-One Size-Fits-All- Invest according to the size of the company as big companies are likely to target more by the hackers and to eliminate vulnerable software to reduce the loss by 25 percent.

“The security industry has struggled to understand the dynamics that influence the true cost of security risks to business. Through Juniper Networks’ work with the RAND Corporation, we hope to bring new perspectives and insights to this continuous challenge. What’s clear is that in order for organizations to turn the table on attackers, they need to orient their thinking and investments toward managing risks in addition to threats,” Sherry Ryan, Chief information security officer, Juniper Networks.