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Juniper PTX5000 Augments STC Leadership to Meet Customers Growing Demand

By CIOReview | Monday, February 29, 2016

SUNNYVALE, CA: Juniper Networks, a recognized distributor of enterprise network surveillances has expanded mobile internet gateway in Middle East  for Saudi Telecom Group (STC)  with the help of its proprietary product- PTX5000 Series Packet Transport Routers.

“Juniper's innovative technologies allow us to maintain our market leadership and future-proof our business through the deployment of state-of-the-art technologies. This is an impressive leap forward in network capacity and performance to meet customer expectations," says   Nasser Al Nasser, Senior Vice President, STC.

 The Saudi Arabia based telecommunications company provides landline, mobile, internet and computer network services. Juniper will support the initiative by introducing the router technology to STC, hence increasing their management capacity in response to the customers’ growing demand. Its expanded network service enables the company to accommodate their national and international clients to share critical voice, data and multimedia applications between their internal and external facilities. Juniper’s PTX router handles the entire weight of the network’s traffic and its software define network innovations empowers the service providers to serve network services faster than the traffic demands. Its static architecture delivers virtualized solution and cloud based applications to guide service providers from unpredictable traffic patterns.

STC‘s extended project is designed to deliver ultra-high speed 3G/4G Internet access and fixed subscribers in many locations throughout the Middle East. The project also added Juniper's SDN-ready MX2020 3D Universal Edge Router to hold their telecommunication leadership across the Middle East. Juniper’s effective and advanced product design allows the company to easily integrate fresh arrival equipments which are powered by Juniper’s Junos operating system. The efficient service provided by Juniper has encouraged STC to integrate any equipment without interrupting the existing network operations. Its sophisticated timing and virtualization capabilities help solution providers to meet the stringent requirements of mobile services. The effective architecture of the router offers functionalities like high capacity, performance, and density in a single-chassis edge routing platform.

"Traffic dynamics like mobility, video and cloud-based services are transforming traditional networks. STC has moved quickly to accommodate the constant increase in Internet traffic and continues to enhance its business through innovation. Juniper is committed to helping STC create unprecedented network scale and the freedom to create new virtualized services anywhere in the world without sacrificing the service experience,” comments Adrian Pickering, Vice President, Juniper Networks.