Juniper Unveils Next Gen Networking Solutions with Virtual Router, Contrail Cloud, and Junos DevOps

By CIOReview | Monday, November 10, 2014

FREMONT, CA: Juniper which has been at the fore front of computer networking innovation has come up with its latest range of new products and upgrades. These releases serve businesses across the globe which are looking for networking solutions that are agile enough to meet the ever-changing complex needs of the business landscape.

Virtual Router
Almost every business wants to have a bite of the ‘cloud’ which gives them flexibility and simplicity in their work domain. Juniper by introducing the virtualized version of its flagship MX Series 3D universal Edge Routing platform, vMX, delivers a carrier-grade virtualized router enabled with comprehensive features.  Operating as a software on x86 servers, this virtual router enables service providers and enterprises to deliver services at a rapid time scale. vMX runs on Junos OS (operating system) and supports the same programmable Junos Trio chipset features as the entire MX Series portfolio.

With the ability to dynamically scale the resources based on the needs in real-time, businesses can combine the vMX virtual router with Juniper’s complete physical router portfolio in order to manage common operations environment for both virtual and physical routers. vMX can be run by Contrail and OpenStack and managed by Junos Space.

Other benefits of vMX virtual router include: faster new deployment analogous to booting a virtual machine; scalability; virtual capacity; migration to other platform in case of higher loads; ability to implement new services; reduced risks; faster Return-on-Investment; redeployment of x86 resources with varying priorities and demands.

Contrail Cloud
It is a new OpenStack-based software platform for cloud resource orchestration and lifecycle management. Contrail Cloud together with Contrail Networking helps in delivering Network Function Virtualization (NFV) for businesses to achieve faster time-to-value.

Junos DevOps
Through this update on all of Juniper’s routing platforms, the company implements a programmable foundation for the network infrastructure. Junos Continuity is another feature enhancement that voids the need to update the OS version post hardware upgradation.