Kaleo Adds Update to its Predictive Knowledge Sharing Application

By CIOReview | Thursday, May 12, 2016

EL SEGUNDO, CA: Kaleo, a company providing knowledge sharing solutions has announced updates to their renowned Predictive Knowledge Sharing application. The application is the first and one-of-its-kind in the market, establishing connection for the employees with internal experts and the resources that help them in better performing their jobs. The application dedicatedly sends out information to the employees, even before them asking for it.

Kaleo doesn’t resort to inefficient techniques such as browsing for information in multiple places, or creating redundant exchanges of information, it rather starts by gathering data formerly reviewed by internal experts. The information need across the organization is predicted using the application’s ability to find patterns in the data, and then this relevant information is shared instantly to the employees.

"Kaleo is proud to help our customers address change and adoption challenges so their businesses move forward… fast," says Phil Hui-Bon-Hoa, CEO, Kaleo Software. "Our solution is smart, proactive, relevant and helps every employee across the company get their jobs done."

Kaleo’s application platform assimilates some essential features:

Knowledge Sharing is Predictive: The application consistently leverages employee interactions and predicts information need across the organization. This information is simultaneously shared among the people in the organizational demographic.

Smart Automation: Kaleo can automatically route employee questions to internal experts and make the answers obtained accessible to everyone across a firm, thus removing the issue related to brain drain and complex workflow.

Kaleo can streamline any desired workflow, and help employees swiftly obtain answers for their specific work-related queries. This is achieved using the in-app capabilities of Kaleo which eradicates the need to jump to another page or application. Kaleo significantly focuses on the business interaction needs to enhance knowledge sharing and strengthen connections between people in the workforce. Kaleo improves employee efficiency and assists them in any part of the organization. In a business setup it can help a company to align their work with existing trends and evolving needs.