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Karamba Security Adopts XGuard Monitor Platform to Manage Fleet-Wide Security

By CIOReview | Wednesday, December 23, 2020

Karamba Security utilizes its XGuard embedded agents' rapid market penetration to announce its XGuard Monitor platform for fleet-wide security management.

FREMONT, CA: Karamba Security, a prominent IoT security firm, announces collaboration with XGuard Monitor platform for fleet-wide security management. The company also announced that Micro Focus ArcSight Intelligence cloud analytics would be integrated with XGuard Monitor to provide adequate security for large-scale IoT devices.

Recent Cybersecurity Threats Recorded

This year, the IoT market is projected to hit 31 billion connected devices, and there will be about 75 billion IoT devices by 2025. Hackers have described ioT devices as vulnerable to attacks. This increasingly growing pattern is reflected in attacks and vulnerabilities recorded in the last six months:

• In November, several vulnerabilities were identified on Teslas Powerwall, an energy storage gateway used in plants and residential areas.

• Iranian hackers used cellular gateways in July to make detrimental changes to Israel'sIsrael's water supplies.

• The National Security Agency reported in October how Chinese hackers exploited edge devices.

• White hat hackers reported in August how they could compromise hundreds of millions of Amazon Alexa users' privacy.

"As security teams accelerate efforts to secure IoT devices, they now need a unified way to manage those activities across their base of devices. With the experience we have gained protecting more than 12 million devices in all the leading industry sectors, we are in an ideal position to create a comprehensive and scalable management platform to solve this problem," says Ami Dotan, Karamba Security CEO and Co-founder.

XGuard Monitor IoT Security at Scale

The Karamba Security's XGuard Monitor fills this void and allows smart profiling of the system and the entire IoT fleet to handle a large number of IoT devices. In order to simplify security management, threat detection and avoid attacks before they spread from one system to the entire fleet, it utilizes XGuard agents that are seamlessly incorporated into the IoT systems.