Kareo Takes Small Practices To Cloud

By CIOReview | Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Fremont, CA: Kareo, the cloud based electronic health record (EHR), practice management and billing service provider has raised another round of investment following the $20.5 million in January 2013. The influx of an amount of $29 million is the result of the joint investment by Greenspring Associates, OpenView Ventures and Silicon Valley Bank. The funds will allow the company to build its sales and improve marketing.

In the present world where everything is on the hand held device in the form of an app or data, healthcare clearly lags behind. The old school medical practices are today quite hectic for doctors to manage. As people are moving towards owning a wearable gadget that is constantly hooked to internet, Kareo makes an attempt to bridge the gap that exists between healthcare and digital technology.

Kareo ventured into EHR management as a free service so that people who benefitted from the service would come back to them to buy their other services. 5,000 people have signed up for the EHR and the company is working with 20,000 doctors and the numbers are going up. All the EHR, practice management records as well as billing details of a patient would be on the cloud. Kareo has launched apps for mobile devices which can be used for various aspects of medical services ranging from booking appointment, rescheduling, checking the medical report through billing and payment services. All at one place, at one tap! The inherent complexity that has been a part of medical billing is taken care of through their billing service. Collecting the bills is no larger part of the doctors’ job. The growing acceptance of the Kareo service is acknowledged by the fact that the company has raised an investment of around $50 million in the last twelve months.

Kareo manages the paper work and administrative part of a practice so that the doctors can get their hands off the management and focus on patients. This product aims at easing the burden off the doctors and making them do what they do best. Treat the patient!