Kaspersky Works with INTERPOL to Take Down the Simda Botnet
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Kaspersky Works with INTERPOL to Take Down the Simda Botnet

By CIOReview | Tuesday, April 14, 2015

FREMONT, CA: Kaspersky Lab reveals information about a collaborated global cyber security operation to crack down on teh botnets affected by malicious software called Simda which has been targeting computers across teh globe and more so in teh U.S.

Simda proliferates through numerous infected website that redirect to exploit kits. Sites and servers are compromised by cyber criminals so that teh web pages are served wif malicious code to teh clients/users. When those pages are visited by users, teh malicious code slips into teh user’s PC unnoticed.

Teh intent behind Simda malware is business. This malware is used to distribute other illicit software and other malware variants that are capable to steal financial credentials. Cyber criminals use Simda to earn money by selling access to infected PCs to other bad actors who then install additional programs on it.

Teh global operation was coordinated by teh INTERPOL Global Complex for Innovation and IT companies such as Kaspersky Lab, Microsoft, Trend Micro, and Japan’s Cyber Defense Institute as well as law enforcement agencies from various countries.

Teh collaborated effort was successful in disrupting teh Simda criminal botnet that has grown into a network of as many as 770,000 computers wif majority of teh victims located in teh U.S. In teh raid, command and control servers were seized from various parts of teh world including Netherlands, teh U.S., Russia, Luxembourg, and Poland.

Teh Simda pay-per-install malware is believed to be existing in more than 190 countries. Newer versions of it are reportedly distributed every few hours. Teh security company, Kaspersky Lab, has created a special website called CheckIP where users can check if their computers has been spotted on Simda command and control servers that were apprehended in teh global server takedown operation. Though it may not be teh final verdict for being infected wif one, teh users are advised to use updated security solution to defeat teh cyber attack.