Kastle System Announces Direct Access Control Software with RealPage OneSite Property Management Software Platform
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Kastle System Announces Direct Access Control Software with RealPage OneSite Property Management Software Platform

By CIOReview | Monday, January 6, 2020
Haniel Lynn, CEO

Haniel Lynn, CEO

Kastle Access Control Management Connects to RealPage OneSite Resident Data, enabling the users to reuse the initial RealPage data as an authoritative source.

FREMONT, CA: Kastle Systems International, one of the industry leaders in advanced managed security systems and services, announced that they had released Kastle's direct access control software integrating with the RealPage® OneSite property management software platform. This brand new feature enables RealPage Onesite users the ability to reuse the initial RealPage data and information as the authoritative source for resident data across the other critical community systems comprising access control and smart locks.

Kastle integration enables RealPage Onesite customers for simultaneous enrollment between the RealPage and the Kastle databases so that the data collected by the RealPage consumer in the first leasing process concurrently serves the Kastle database as well. Accessing privileges and credentials activate and deactivate automatically based on the information managed on OneSite. Kastle's integration rejects data inconsistencies, minimizes tedious data entry of redundant resident records, and enhances safety by automatically removing a renter's property access the moment their contract is terminated in the RealPage database.Top Smart City Solution Companies

 Kastle Systems is known to be one of the leaders of the security industry since 1972 with enhanced managed security solutions and services, protecting the commercial real estate, global enterprises, educational institutions, and critical government facilities.

This combined solution represents a breakthrough in technological and operational cost-efficiency. Kastle is able to unite previously different operations across the multifamily technology ecosystem from access control, video surveillance and security monitoring to high working programs like the smart elevators and door locks, visitor management and lately, identity management. This creates a greater efficiency by integrating data and management of security functions.

Haniel Lynn, CEO of Kastle Systems mentioned in a press release that, "By integrating with RealPage, Kastle creates a more convenient and efficient experience for RealPage users."

"This demonstrates the functional flexibility that an open-standards platform like Kastle's can provide," he concluded.

Kastle System was recognized as one of the 20 Most Promising Smart City Solution Provider 2019.