KedronSAS AppResolve: Application Performance Issues-Outsourced

By CIOReview | Tuesday, February 23, 2016

FREMONT, CA: AppResolve is a professional package delivered by Kedron Service Assurance Specialists (SAS) for outsourcing the application performance issues. The outsourcing feature of the service eases the enterprises from the frequent issues related to the application; especially for small and medium scale enterprises, the service is a savior. The service excludes the need to buy or obtain training for handling costly application performance monitoring software. The enterprise-friendly design of the service enables it to quickly and cost effectively identify the performance difficulties with business critical applications and services and also cuts down the capital expenditure by providing it as SaaS.

AppResolve emphasizes on companies lacking operational resource to tackle application performance problems in their business. It delivers an independent view with the necessary information for its clients to get their performance back on the track. The consultants responsible for servicing the problems in application are certified and have hands-on experience in dealing with the business applications. The servicing personnel uses the best technology available for delivering services. The service provider does not promote the use of free downloaded tools from the web. They rely on enterprise grade software which ensures satisfying results for the client.

Kedron SAS’ AppResolve service is accompanied by a Service Engagement Report in a package delivered to the client. The report is provided to the client, detailing their findings and also including any recommendations to avoid similar future problems.