Kellogg Deploys Selectica for Control Over all Regional and Global Contracts

By CIOReview | Monday, May 4, 2015

SAN MATEO, CA: Selectica, provider of contract management, supply management and configuration solutions, has been deployed in Kellogg the consumer packaged goods company. The SmartContract solution will now automate Kellogg’s contract lifecycle processes enterprise-wide and ensure visibility into contract milestones. 

Kellogg opted for SmartContract after a lengthy evaluation period for its powerful features and to effectively manage its contracts with vendors at both regional and global levels.

"Some of the key features important to us included the Clause Library and the workflow tools," explains Dan O'Connor, Kellogg Corporate Counsel "We look forward to using more uniform templates and streamlined tracking processes to shorten contract cycle time and improve vendor relationships."

With SmartContract, Kellogg can set distinctive and secure approval cycles for different types of contracts across geographies and standardize templates for their variety of NDA and procurement contract types. The technology allows for productive collaboration enterprise-wide, whether between internal departments or with international vendors.

Some of the key benefits of the solution that Kellogg looks forward to leverage include: Searchable contract repository; highly configurable approval and review workflows; analytics, business intelligence, reporting, and dashboards; mobile device support; seamless Microsoft Word integration; customizable Contract template management; new view into amendments across multiple amendments with one “effective view” that includes an auditable roll-up of all amended terms; third-party contract support; customizable alerts; receive email notifications for key events, contract expirations, tasks, and approvals, and trigger alerts based on aggregated thresholds.

David Bush, Chief Sales Officer at Selectica says, "This level of contract visibility will provide valuable insight that can help in making profitable decisions. Being awarded for our solution by such a prestigious global brand is a significant achievement for our organization."