Kenesto Upgrades Kenesto Drive to Work As a LAN Shared Drive

By CIOReview | Wednesday, September 2, 2015

WALTHAM, MA: Kenesto, a provider of engineering document and file management solutions announces the enhancement of Kenesto Drive to add features that are only available through physical LAN mounted drives and Product Data Management (PDM) systems.

The enrichment allows Kenesto Drive to work just like a Local Area Network (LAN) shared drive. It Auto-locks a document when someone opens it from a Kenesto Drive folder,offers status visibility of the document for all users who have access,allows editing of documents one user at a time and read only for others,provides access to version history so users are assured they are working with the current file,offers offline use of recent files and enables sharing directly from the drive.

The automatic locking feature secures a file, for example when a file from Kenesto Drive is opened for editing on Windows desktop, Kenesto Drive automatically locks and other users from the globe can open the file in a read only manner thus preventing it from unintentional overwrites. i. The file is automatically unlocked when closed.

Kenesto Drive offers companies an alternative use of a shared network drive. Subscribers can interact with their files in the same way they do within their shared drive but with added benefits such as automatic back-ups, automatic version capture and vaulting. Kenesto Drive supports documents which have been shared across an entire virtual team (either inside or outside the company) and maintains all permission and status levels.

The latest improvements are available to existing and new subscribers. “Kenesto is delivering professional storage and sharing options for engineering and design companies seeking a very simple to use, cloud-based document management solution. We are delighted to provide a free solution in addition to a fuller, but reasonably priced alternative solution to our users and customers,” says Mike Payne, CEO, Kenesto.