Key Advantages Of Sdn Over Traditional Networking Solutions

Key Advantages Of Sdn Over Traditional Networking Solutions

By CIOReview | Thursday, May 12, 2022

Organizations are more vulnerable than ever before. Therefore, anything that helps improve an organization's security can reduce downtime and alleviate costs.

FREMONT, CA: SDN technology is being used by a growing number of businesses today. Instead of manually managing networking through equipment like routers and switches, software-defined networking (SDN) allows you to control networking solutions at the software level.

Consider some of the key benefits of SDN over traditional networking technologies.

Lower Physical Complexity: Maintenance

SD-WAN technology allows an organization's network architecture to be simplified, reducing it to a single coordinated layer rather than a jumble of connected and integrated physical solutions. Organizations may better monitor and manage their network architecture by virtualizing network architecture, and they can even offload a considerable portion of work through automated processes.

Security: Granular, Centralized Control Over Access

Software-defined networking makes it significantly easier to safeguard a network by consolidating and centralizing control and making it easier to find and neutralize threats and odd networking behavior. Built-in firewalls, artificially intelligent security solutions, and integrated security features such as encryption, sandboxing, and IPS are all included in SD-WAN solutions.

Content Delivery with Consistency and Low Latency

Companies can increase their consistency and reliability by implementing SD-WAN technology. SD-WAN technology makes it easier to manage and optimize networking solutions, improving efficiency and effectiveness. Other corporation sections benefit from the reliable, low latency content delivery.

Threat Mitigation: Superior Detection and Response

It is easier for a business to track down and respond to issues within an SD-WAN network. Even seconds can make a difference when it comes to threat mitigation. Because threats can be found considerably faster, threats can be addressed much quicker – next-generation AI systems can even detect anomalous behavior throughout a network before hostile activities are taken.

Management: Centralized and Consolidated Visibility

With a traditional networking solution, there might be many interconnected modules and systems that must all be handled and maintained separately. SD-WAN technology allows for centralized and streamlined management.