Key Conversational AI Trends to Follow in 2021
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Key Conversational AI Trends to Follow in 2021

By CIOReview | Tuesday, May 25, 2021

The increase in hybridization will make conversational AI significantly productive for the developer.

FREMONT, CA: With more evolution, Conversational AI is innovating at a great pace. Following the addition of more transformative technologies in its cognitive potentials and rising market demand for AI skillset, the technology is trending in 2021. Conversational AI will become only better in the coming times with new potentials and attributes adding to it. Here are some of the Conversational AI trends to follow in 2021.

 No-code Platforms

Organizations are seeking platform-based models for meeting their evolving conversational AI needs at ease. Coding for every little change in the needs can be a tedious exercise resulting in a very long market. NoCode platforms are the perfect option to address these issues. Having all possible features for several use-cases in one place, these platforms can customize their bots with just a few clicks. Low Code and No-Code platforms are tailored to increase the agility and effectiveness of firms and will continue to grow traction in 2020.


Conversation AI will offer highly personalized and contextual conversations that give them a human touch. They can also carry the context across various conversations to understand the past and future needs. With their humanesque conversations, they can understand the sentiments and moods and respond accordingly. These bots can be extensively leveraged to cross-sell and up-sell products/services to users.

Augmented Reality in Conversational AI

AR in chatbots is a technology that can take the engagement level and usage to the next heights. AR is the relatively latest technology for mobile/web apps, and the users are not accustomed to the usage of AR. A chatbot within a mobile app can facilitate the usage of this technology. Relying upon the user's behavior and his stage in the purchasing cycle, they can be prompted by the usage of AR by the bots.

An Upsurge in New Skill Sets

Building conversational AI systems is no longer the exclusive domain of computational linguists. Enterprises are increasing, including users on the deployment teams, enabling them to collaborate in developing and maintaining conversational AI applications, proving that the latest technology will change the skill sets needed within the business and potentially novel employment opportunities.