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Key Cybersecurity Trends You Must Be Aware of in 2020

By CIOReview | Monday, November 2, 2020

FREMONT, CA: Organizations are now more aware of the importance of cybersecurity, however, many companies still find it challenging to define and implement necessary security measures. There will be more increased cyberattacks, not just from individual hackers but also Nation-State actors who run the attacks to extract data from governments and corporations.

Here are three trends shaping the cybersecurity sector:

Growing Awareness of the Importance of Cybersecurity

As organizations undergo major digital transformations, the awareness of the presence of cyberattacks has increased both in large organizations and small businesses. Enterprises now understand that having an effective strategy and cyber incident response plan has become necessary. The security landscape is now creating a permanent place in the software development lifecycle with SecDevOps being integrated into all stages of development.

Increased Adoption of 5G

Data volumes and multiple connected devices and sensors will soon see a significant rise with the capabilities of 5G technology. Electronic health applications can gather data about user’s wellbeing, car technology can track user’s movements, and smart applications can collect information about how users live and work. With the number of personal data collected, 5G technology will require higher security against data breaches and theft.

Continued Rise of AI

Cybersecurity solutions are developed on detection engines based on human logic, but to keep the technologies and devices up-to-date can be difficult to do manually. AI boosts the recognition of new threats, responds to them and help thwart cyberattacks before it spreads across the organization.

The advancement of AI can also be used as a weapon by cybercriminals to create complex malware attack methods. Thus organizations will have to execute advanced heuristic solution instead of depending on common vulnerabilities and attacks.