Key Software Systems Launches Fleet Management Software
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Key Software Systems Launches Fleet Management Software

By CIOReview | Monday, August 3, 2015

FREMONT, CA: Key Software Systems, a software company, announces fleet commander- a fleet management software solution. The new product brings together data along with the hardware in a discreet plug and play device designed to work on all vehicles for a company of any size.

Fleet Commander is a simple to use stand-alone, real time fleet management software solution designed to enhance visibility of fleet assets, improve driver safety, reduce maintenance and fuel costs, improving upon customer service and overall productivity.

The key features of fleet commander include:

Reporting: Provides at a glance report of driver behavior, vehicle health, maintenance, and asset management in the form of graphs and charts on the dashboard. The report can be easily exported and printed.

Device Assignment Profiles: This feature will make sure that correct device is plugged into the assigned vehicle.

GPS Tracking: Transmitted in real-time, the GPS tracking gives precise location of the vehicle with asset details, coordinates, speed heading, minutes since last GPS report and driver information. Its Asset map icons will quickly identify vehicle types and visually display the direction that they are currently heading.

Geo-Fencing: Allow to set pre-defined boundaries or zones. It will alert if there is a zone violation.

Driver Performance: Keeps a track of driver’s performance focusing on idle time, harsh braking, rapid acceleration, park time, speed violations and GEO fencing. Alerts regarding violations are sent to driver via email or text message.

Diagnostic Alert: The software generates trouble code alerts on finding any problem with the engine.

DOT Compliance: The fleet commander helps to maintain running logs using a mobile device to capture HOS (hours of service) and DVIR (driver vehicle inspection report). DVIR reports are pre and post shift reports which are sent directly to supervisors and mechanics.

“Fleet Commander was built from scratch to be a completely independent Fleet/Asset Tracking solution.  That means independent from Xcelerator or any other carrier management software.  This flexibility allows Fleet Commander to be used by anyone and function in harmony alongside any other software system," says Chris Miller, Partner and System Architect, Key Software Systems. 

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