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Key Strategies Gaining Traction in Email Marketing

By CIOReview | Friday, May 17, 2019

FREMONT, CA: Email marketing is a medium of sending and sharing commercial messages to a group via email. Reports state that US businesses spent an estimate of 2.67 billion USD on email marketing in 2007. Organizations are ready to spend so much money on email marketing, and the returns and investment are remarkable. In the case of maximizing profits, email marketing should be done accurately. Here are five key points to keep in mind while email marketing.

Concentrate on building an Email list  

Any email campaign is simply as reliable as your address list. Marketers should make sure that the list of prospective emails is always growing. Sign up options on the website should be made accessible; put subscriptions forms in the places that users of the site are most probable to find them. Offering incentives such as free accounts, encourage people to sign up.

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Write a killer subject

The subject line is an indispensable part of emails. It should be eye-catching for the receiver. If it is boring, no one is going to open it. All the effort done on the content would have been for nothing. The subject line should be enticing and also needs to be original and catchy to grab the reader's attention. It should have the potential that clients cannot resist.

Embrace personalization

There's nothing more disrespectful than an email that is intended, for a general audience. Most marketing automation platforms will include the option of inserting the recipient's name directly into the email. It makes the reader understand the fact that time and effort spent designing an email just for them.

Keep it Short and Sweet

Keeping emails short and simple is the best way to get the reader's attention. Readers do not have the time to read in-depth essays about why they should use your company. Getting quickly to the point is for the best. It would also be far more likely for readers to read the follow-ups.

Make it Easy to Read

A wall of text is annoying for the reader. The body of the email should look nice and tidy. There should be enough white space to make it easy for the readers to read. It is ideal to use small paragraphs or bullet points. Try limiting the use of images as some email providers may block them anyway.


The above five steps to becoming an email marketing expert will give the marketer, a better perception of what it to master the field of email marketing.  In a dynamic industry like email marketing, the acknowledgment of your readers will be the real determinant of how much of an expert the marketer is.
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