KeyedIn Manufacturing Cloud Software Opens Up New ERP Possibilities
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KeyedIn Manufacturing Cloud Software Opens Up New ERP Possibilities

By CIOReview | Saturday, November 14, 2015

MINNEAPOLIS, MN- KeyedIn Solutions, a provider of aPaaS and SaaS-based business solutions announces the launch of version 5 of its KeyedIn Manufacturing Cloud ERP Solution. A dynamically configurable Cloud ERP software, it is integrated with a very strong production engine to put the planning back into ERP for modern production and fabricating manufacturers.

"We recognize that ERP solutions are missing the key ingredients that production manufacturers need to achieve production control – which is their key to efficiency, profitability and competitive advantage," states Lauri Klaus, KeyedIn CEO and Co-Founder.

The key features of the Cloud ERP include:

Powerful Production Engine: It is a powerful cloud-based tool, providing real time visibility and computing speed to manufacturers.

Native Cloud: KeyedIn Manufacturing's Cloud delivery shifts the majority of the software burden to KeyedIn and enables mobility with access through any mobile.

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Dynamically configurable: The unique platform gives manufacturers the ability to configure KeyedIn Manufacturing ERP to their environment – without the cost of coding and upgrade concerns of traditional customized software.

Feature-rich: This production manufacturer is provided with all the key functionalities required to connect people, processes and most importantly critical business data throughout the facility.

Integration: KeyedIn Manufacturing Cloud ERP easily integrates with other software systems with open APIs to become the single source for accurate data and information for the enterprise.

Secure:  KeyedIn Manufacturing partners with a popular data security provider- Dimension Data. This is a vast improvement for manufacturers, who  faces security risk with outdated processes and servers within their facility.

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