KeyLine Chargers Bring Dead Batteries to Life

By CIOReview | Wednesday, April 22, 2015

SCOTTSDALE, AZ: With battery technology changing in recent times, maintaining batteries is essential in preserving their lifespan. Keeping this in mind, KeyLine Chargers, a manufacturer of safe and smart battery maintainers, chargers, and accessories has come up with a 1.25 Amp Mini-Pro extra power battery charger.

The 1.25 Amp Mini-Pro XP consists of five charging stages that include a desulfator which can actually breathe life back into tired batteries and improve battery life up to four times. This enables users to revive old batteries and keep the used ones in ready-to-use shape.

This process involves using compatible chargers that won't damage performance or diminish the life of the battery. All KeyLine products are designed to be weather-resistant, and can also be left connected indefinitely while safeguarding expensive batteries; so they are ready to use when consumers see fit.

"Our commitment to making the highest quality battery charger and maintainer in the industry has led to the development of the KeyLine Chargers Mini-Pro XP. It is the perfect solution for recreational vehicle enthusiasts. We thought about all the problems with the chargers that are currently on the market and solved them. Add on the five-year warranty, and it's easy to understand how we're reshaping the industry for the better," states Kalatsky.