KillswitchPlus Lends A Helping Hand To Capital Markets

By CIOReview | Tuesday, November 3, 2015

CHICAGO, IL: The Edge Financial Technologies are on their way to reduce the technical glitches and algorithmic errors in capital market. As a preliminary step, the company announces the launch of their first Smart and Holistic Kill Switch called KillSwitchPlus.

“Technical glitches and algorithmic errors are a reality in today’s world of electronic trading and can result in trading losses, regulatory fines and loss of reputation,” said Jitesh Thakkar, Founder and CEO of Edge Financial Technologies. With the introduction of KillSwitchPlus, the company is bringing down the risks faced by capital market, assisted by advanced artificial intelligence tool. Much better service is in store for customers with the elimination of the trading technology glitches and algorithmic errors.

Its unique feature is the integration into ISVs and exchanges; thereby providing a consolidated view of trading activity to both trading firms and FCM. It consists of an intelligent network of agents and a central hub that monitors and controls the all time trading activity, thus preventing catastrophic losses for algorithmic trading firms and brokerage firms.


This is a circuit breaker or safety valve for automated trading. The tool provides easy going trading activities without a pause. It monitors and stops runaway algorithms and thus lowers the risk of complete end to end testing. The intelligent tool automatically blocks only the offending account, allowing other customer accounts to continue trading. It also allows management to view positions and P&L by user and providing multiple ways to calculate P&L and thereby ensuring profits and preventing losses. KillswitchPlus quickly and efficiently evaluates trading activity and also automatically stop, block, cancel, or liquidate positions.

The company has taken a huge effort in developing KillSwitchPlus and has begun a new generation of automated trading systems that is powered with cancellation of orders and liquidation of positions across 30+ global exchanges.

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