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Kira Systems Has Announced its Upcoming Release of Answers & Insights

By CIOReview | Wednesday, September 2, 2020

Kira Systems Launches Answers & Insights that can help enterprises advance beyond identifying and extracting provisions, clauses, and data points, by understanding the data.

FREMONT, CA: The industry leader in machine learning contract review and analysis software, Kira Systems,  has announced its upcoming release of Answers & Insights. This latest ability can advance beyond identifying and extracting provisions, clauses, and data points, by understanding this data and offering decision-makers in firms and organizations to answer their most pressing questions. The solution is entirely incorporated into the no-code machine learning platform, Kira Quick Study, permitting easily scalable customization.

Building on Kiras Smart Fields: Intelligence that Answers Questions

The Built-In Intelligence of Kiras comes with pre-built smart fields that can precisely identify and extract over 1,000+ standard clauses, provisions, and data points from contracts and documents. Kira System’s team of in-house lawyers and subject matter professionals who span across various legal areas and industries to understand the insights and value hidden in contract data train these smart fields. However, Answers & Insights is a new smart field solution where users will be able to train Kira to ask the most important questions or pick from a selection of built-in questions. The users can also get answers in the form of yes/no or multiple-choice selections across their contracts and documents. The decision-makers in firms and organizations will also better understand what their data means, which will help them make faster, smarter decisions. With the solution, they can also make recommendations for their businesses and clients.

According to Dr. Alexander Hudek, Kira Systems CTO & Co-Founder, “Answers & Insights represents the next level of our no-code AI technology.” “It allows you to go beyond simply identifying relevant text by additionally assigning fine grained meaning to extractions. We achieve this without hard-coded rules, custom code, or human intervention, letting you truly scale your knowledge work.”