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Klipfolio Integrates 70 New Partners on Dashboard

By CIOReview | Thursday, May 5, 2016

FREMONT, CA: Earlier this week, Klipfolio, a provider of cloud-based business intelligence self-service dashboard, proclaimed the addition of 73 partners to its partner program from the start of 2016. The program has 450 members, including marketing agencies, analytics firms, systems-integrators, business solution providers, technology partners and OEMs. Klipfolio was opted due to its fast ability to access any data, combine data sources to gain novel insights, assisting in building and customizing data visualizations.

“Our network is experiencing strong growth; particularly among marketing agencies where our dashboards are seen as the key to automation, efficiency and profitability,” said Allan Wille, CEO at Klipfolio. “Klipfolio dashboards allow agencies to provide their clients with visually beautiful, continuous performance reports, often consolidating a dozen data sources and applications, all in an efficient and easy-to-manage solution.”

The current trend in marketing agencies is relying on dashboards. Earlier these agencies followed their own derivation conducting studies periodically. In the current times, agencies utilize Klipfolio dashboard to narrow down on their options. The dashboard provides agencies the transparency, increases efficiency, and helps improve customer service.

Klipfolio enables its users to manage multiple clients on their dashboard from a single account. The partners of Klipfolio exclusively receive the advantage of client administration console which allows them to create separate Klipfolio dashboards for each client. Later the multiple accounts can be accessed from the single dashboard.

“The reasoning behind choosing Klipfolio is simple. There are a lot of vendors out there who are very pricey. We needed a web accessible dashboard tool that could be up and running quickly, and support our OEM activities. It had to look good and allow for some customization. Klipfolio checks those boxes off and has wonderful customer support,” said Frederick Kirwin, Data Management at Mediassociates.

“Klipfolio has been an important tool in helping us deliver on-time, quality reporting to our customers,” said Doug Freeman, CEO at nCentix. “The fast and friendly sign-up process was a joy. We appreciate the reporting power the solution adds to our portfolio of services and look forward to continuing improvements to the platform.” 

“Delivering business intelligence is a cornerstone of the strategy and expertise our clients depend on us for,” said Dev Basu, CEO and Founder of Powered by Search. “With thousands of rows of data from multiple sources, including Google Analytics, AdWords, and MySQL databases, Klipfolio helps us visualize in short order what marketing success looks like for our clients. We're proud to be working with another leading Canadian company.”

“We offer search engine optimization, support for AdWords, web analytics, and so much more. Klipfolio allows us to easily report back to clients with a dashboard showing all our results while we focus our time and attention on strategic initiatives,” said Michael Hardeman, a partner with Orangedotcom.