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KnectIQ Enters Into a Contract with Stealthcare

By CIOReview | Tuesday, August 18, 2020

The collaborative efforts of companies will make significant enhancements in threat intelligence response for clients across the world.

FREMONT, CA: KnectIQ, an innovator in cybersecurity, announces that it has entered into a contract with Stealthcare, a forerunning US-based cybersecurity solutions provider.

The security concept of Zero Trust is improved by groundbreaking new technologies that enable true end-to-end encryption. KnectIQ's patented and patent-pending technologies allow the ultra-secure movement of sensitive data by eliminating threat surfaces, including stored, static keys and certificates associated with PKI. The latest collaboration with Stealthcare will provide the world-first technology, reinforcing Stealthcare's position as the complete cyber threat intelligence and aggregation platform available presently.

Led by Jeremy Samide, Stealthcare's motto is that cybersecurity needs to pivot to a more proactive stance. The company also believes that the present market approach to cybersecurity is flawed. Today, 90% of the security market is reactive, pinpointing cyber-attacks only after the damage is done. Stealthacre believes that KnectIQ shares its same fundamental value that to eliminate cyber-attacks before they occur. KnectIQ will improve Stealthcare's robust specialized services through its globally popular enterprise security for inflight data.

KnectIQ is excited to have another partner in its quest to disrupt the status quo - to drive a sea change in how the world fundamentally views cybersecurity. The combined efforts of both these companies will make significant improvements in threat intelligence response for clients around the world.

KnectIQ is a privately held provider of innovative cybersecurity solutions. Headquartered in St. Paul, the firm is also registered to conduct business in the EU with an office in Luxembourg. Its proprietary technology manages secrets, provides a true trust environment, and helps businesses achieve global compliance.