KODA Announces Pre-Order Availability of Decentralized AI Robot Dog

By CIOReview | Monday, January 4, 2021

KODA announces its first model's pre-order availability of its decentralized AI robo dog.

FREMONT, CA: KODA, the artificial intelligence (AI) robotic dog firm dedicated to helping people live better lives with robotic companions, announces that its first model is now available for pre-order. Interested in owning a KODA will have the opportunity to do so in a company-wide pre-sale, which runs December 18 and ends when 1000 units are ordered. The company expected that it would reach 1000 pre-sale orders within 1-2 weeks while opening the pre-order status for everyone for about 1-2 months. December 29. First shipments of the dog will start September 1, 2021.

KODA is designed to be functional from both pragmatic and emotional perspectives. Unlike other robot dogs on the market, it's meant to interact socially with its owners. Through the company's blockchain-powered decentralized AI infrastructure, the robot dog is meant to serve many purposes: family companion, seeing-eye dog, a vigilant guard dog, or a powerful supercomputer capable of solving complex problems.

KODA is the perfect combination of function and performance. The state-of-the-art technology uses the very best in centralized and decentralized AI, enabling each dog to grow and evolve to suit its owner's needs. With a brain that's constantly learning, KODA is futureproofed in its evolution and application. To begin the process, prospective owners will visit a special landing page on the KODA website, where they will be asked to fill out the form. Similar to the process of purchasing an actual dog, a member of the team at KODA will be in touch with a questionnaire to make sure that the robot dog will be placed in a suitable home. After the pre-sale period, a member of the KODA team will remain in communication with the prospective owner, discussing final costs, updated features, and answering any questions along the way.