Kontron Bonds with Open Invention Network (OIN)

By CIOReview | Wednesday, March 23, 2016

FREMONT, CA: Earlier this week, a global provider of Embedded Computing Technology (ECT), Kontron, became a community member of Open Invention Network (OIN). The companies like Google, IBM, NEC, Philips, Red Hat, Sony and SUSE formed the OIN over 10 years ago to support organizations that use or build Linux-related technology. The backbone of OIN is a community that promotes patent aggression in the Linux System – “no fly zone" for more than 2000 companies.

In an open source technology like Linux, it is prone to use similar ideas by more than one company. In order to prevent Linux System patents aggressively against each other, OIN community is formed. This pledge acts as the starting point for cultural norm for patent non-aggressions in Linux and adjacent open source technologies.

Kontron joined the community because of the innovation it wires among many companies. “The OIN membership supports Kontron on many levels. With our focus on building out our IoT framework, it makes perfect sense to be a part of an open source community that protects the rights of all members within the community, especially to reduce our patent risk around Linux related technology,” comments Jens Wiegand, Chief Technology Officer in Kontron.

"We are pleased to have an embedded systems industry leader such as Kontron join our network, and particularly as it is leveraging open source for its efforts in growth areas such as IoT and integrated systems software,” says Keith Bergelt, CEO at OIN. “By joining OIN, Kontron evidences its commitment to open source technologies and the patent non-aggression environment facilitated by OIN and its participants.”

Kontron as the OIN member, will cater free licenses to its patents in the context of the Linux System in return, they will receive the similar benefit from other OIN members. This fosters a litigation-free environment over core Linux technology.