Kony MobileFabric 6.5 Overcomes Technological Limitations; Provide Developers Mobile Freedom

By CIOReview | Monday, August 3, 2015

AUSTIN, TX: Kony, a cloud-based enterprise mobility solutions company releases an updated version of Kony MobileFabric 6.5 which provides mobile developers the freedom to use any framework and tool of choice to build innovative apps to meet customer and employee demands without sacrificing the security and quality required by the business.

The developers can take advantage of the added services on the mobile backend infrastructure like the new API Management, Mobile App Management (MAM), analytics and Application Performance Management (APM) services. Kony MobileFabric enable cost efficient development process while allowing the customer to have a better insight into their mobile usage, user journey and events, engagement and crash analytics ensuring higher mobile app satisfaction.

Some key features of the Kony MobileFabric include:

Openness- It enables the developer the freedom to choose open and web development standards which includes front-end tools and framework and support for all major public cloud and server/OS platforms on the backend.

Agility- Mobile developers can adopt new API Management capabilities to rapidly build, test, deploy, reuse, and secure APIs for their mobile backend services using visual design tools enabling access to more than 90 out of box adapters and influence the speed of cloud deployment.

Control-It provides a single point of control to access backend data and business process to prevent potential business risk. It also expands existing identity systems integrated with cloud-based identity services, and adds an entirely new Mobile App Management (MAM) service providing high level of security.

Insight-It gives the user a better insight about the customer mobile experience enabling access to custom report designer allowing the business to gain a better insight into business metrics to ensure high adoption rates and satisfaction. It also allows access to real-time analytics and application performance management (APM) to achieve agility and responsiveness to change.

 “Kony MobileFabric provides organizations with the best of both worlds – giving the organization the opportunity to innovate at a faster pace with pre-built, enterprise grade backend services without conceding on control needed to keep the business from risk,” says Burley Kawasaki, Senior Vice President of Products and Strategy, Kony.