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Kony Quantum Launches Conversational AI DevKit

By CIOReview | Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Kony Quantum makes conversational capabilities easy to handle. The company reveals a technology that can be used for any types of application and use cases.

FREMONT, CA: Kony Quantum, a cloud-based digital application and low-code platform solution company, announced the launch of its Conversational AI DevKit.

AI-based conversational interfaces represent the next level of user interaction with multiple functions. Advanced AI platform also helps create highly personalized experiences by offering smarter and enhanced human-to-human interaction through AI's continuum of human and digital-based touchpoints. Kony  Quantum opens a technology that can be utilized for all types of applications and use cases.

There are many competitive and evolving AI and NLP engines in the market. Kony Quantum AI offers a special abstraction layer that enables developers to utilize maximum from any of the technologies, promising customers great flexibility and choice to their solutions. 

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Utilizing the Kony Quantum Conversational AI DevKit helps the users to mix and match industry AI and NLP engines to get the best digital experiences.

Kony Quantum Conversational AI DevKit provides many benefits. This includes more personalized and engaging applications for customers, partners, and employees via an intelligent conversational interface,  low -code platform integration. Kony Quantum's new tool helps in the easy, fast, and cost-effective development of applications with conversational interface capabilities.  This tool enables a simplified development process with prebuilt integration of multiple NLP engines, now made available as a component in the Kony Marketplace, also integrated to Lex, LUIS, and Dialogflow. This can also incorporate new NLP engines.

The Kony Quantum Conversational AI DevKit offers powerful speech-to-text and text-to-speech interactions. It can deliver complex responses rapidly through integration to high-performance data integration and orchestration layers.

Kony Quantum was featured in CIOReview as one of the  50 Most Promising Utilities Technology Solution Providers 2014.