Kroll Enters Market with New Portal for Better Third Party Compliance Management

By CIOReview | Wednesday, October 7, 2015

MANHATTAN, NY: Risk identification and mitigation expert Kroll goes public with the release of the all new Kroll Compliance Portal which has been developed in the interest of legal and compliance professionals. Through this portal, users can efficiently manage the regulatory and compliance obstacles that come with third party relationships, automate compliance activities and seamlessly gain access to Kroll's market recognized global expertise.  

The newly featured portal comes with a comprehensive access for compliance process, and brings under one roof, the four pre requisite constituents  for enabling companies to comply with the FCPA, UKBA and other global anti-corruption law – advice, technology, data and due diligence.

The design brings about a new dimension of efficiency and consistency by providing its users with access to modules that have been crafted for the same purpose. It also provides a questionnaire module where the compliance professionals can both transfer and track customized questionnaires for internal stakeholders and third parties. It also provides a real time screening solution called First View third parties are screened from millions of risk profiles at a faster and more effective rate. The portal will also provide users with access to Kroll’s due diligence reports along with experienced research analysts and investigators. On the other hand, the automated workflows facilitate consistent on-boarding by linking together the First View Screening, Questionnaire, Due Diligence and Approve/Reject modules.

The new compliance portal comes at the right time where every industry is facing challenges in managing the enormously rising number of associated third parties enveloped in a surrounding conducting intense regulatory scrutiny.