kURL Receives CNCF Kubernetes Distribution Certification
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kURL Receives CNCF Kubernetes Distribution Certification

By CIOReview | Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Replicated's approach to empowering individual software vendors to ship their apps to the market is reaffirmed by kURL's certification.

FREMONT, CA: “One of the most valuable characteristics of Kubernetes is the ecosystem’s commitment to standardization and compatibility. The certification process for Kubernetes distros serves to ensure that Kubernetes admins and end-users can expect a consistent set of manifests and tooling to work interoperably with various distros. By certifying this kURL distribution, software vendors and their end-customers can be confident that the Kubernetes they’re leveraging meets those standards,” observes Grant Miller, Founder, and CEO of Replicated. CNCF Kubernetes Distribution Certification has been granted to kURL, an open-source, custom Kubernetes distribution generator developed by Replicated. CNCF-certified Kubernetes solutions ensure that the whole Kubernetes API works as expected, giving users a consistent and reliable experience. Replicated's embedded cluster instals are powered by kURL. Embedded clusters are now compatible with certification standards as a result of kURL's CNCF certification. Customers of Replicated and their enterprise end-customers can rest certain that embedded clusters installed by Replicated meet the CNCF's criteria.

Many commercial software providers already use kURL distributions to power their Kubernetes add-ons. The technology is largely used by these vendors to hide the complexity of Kubernetes installation and management for businesses that do not yet have a cluster on which to deploy third-party Kubernetes applications. Recognizing the continued need and the fact that the Kubernetes ecosystem is rapidly developing, kURL decided to pursue certification. With the new certification, enterprise users can rest certain that they are using a CNCF-certified Kubernetes distribution that makes the process of deploying applications much easier.

“kURL becoming a CNCF-Certified Kubernetes Distribution creator is an important milestone in our belief that Kubernetes and cloud-native standards are the easiest way to ship enterprise-grade, modern applications, whether on-prem, private cloud, or even air-gapped,” states Marc Campbell, Founder and CTO of Replicated. “As Kubernetes technology evolves, we strongly believe in delivering solutions that sustain and support open source standards. In addition to this certification, we will continue to work closely with the CNCF ecosystem on other projects such as Troubleshoot.sh, KOTS, SchemaHero, and more.”