LabCorp's Covance Mobile Health Solutions Augment Clinical Trials

By CIOReview | Thursday, March 17, 2016

BURLINGTON, NC: Laboratory Corporation of America (LabCorp) declares that its Covance Drug Development (Covance) has unlocked Mobile Health Solutions that conveys seamless supports to biopharmaceutical and technology companies in navigating the proliferation of mobile healthcare services. Covance’s newly launched solutions delivers regulatory consulting and validation services that lead pharmaceutical industries to certificating based on their accuracy and consistency of mobile devices and applications for clinical trials.

“Mobile technology is changing the way patients interact with their healthcare providers, and clinical trials must adapt as well. Covance has the expertise and scale to help our partners evaluate which apps and devices will be most effective, will generate the most consistent and reliable data and will be easy for patients to use,” says  Deborah Keller, Chief Executive Officer of Covance.

LabCorp supplies comprehensive clinical laboratory services through LabCorp diagnostics, and end-to-end drug development support through Covance Drug Development. It also ranks well in commercializing and improving new diagnostic technologies to make people healthier by offering a single platform with the combination of world-class diagnostics, drug development and knowledge services. Its services have been spreading almost across 60 countries. The company’s unlocked mobile health devices and apps will lead industries to use it in multiple methodologies for improving patient’s accesses, produce and maintain longitudinal data measurements as well as generate more powerful data analytics. The enhancement of mobile technologies in heath care relies on global acceptances of its growing demand, therefore the Covance regulatory experts help clients to determine their tracks for mobile health validation, registration and approval for use in clinical trials.

“Covance is committed to helping clients leverage mobile technology to improve the success of clinical trials and enhance the patient experience. Our Mobile Health Solutions support our strategic vision to improve health and improve lives through the use of technology-enabled solutions that enhance the drug-development process and can reduce the time and cost of trials,” adds Keller.