Lark Chat Expands Availability, Now Available for Android and Apple Users

By CIOReview | Wednesday, August 5, 2015

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA:In a move to make people healthier and active, Lark Technologies, a mobile health company, has recently expanded its service Lark Chat, to Android and iPhone 4 and 5 users, also can be pre-installed on all new Samsung phones.

With added Apple Watch functionality, Lark Chat on Android uses Samsung S-Health and phone sensors to track sleep, activity, and stationary time as accurately as a wearable device. It also provides a personal health coach to the users, which responds to queries within two seconds, even at 3 AM in the night. “Our mission at Lark is to help every person live a healthier lifestyle, and this is a huge milestone for us in that journey,” says Julia Ha, CEO and Co-founder of Lark Technologies.

“By expanding to new platforms and devices, we can help even more people reach their health goals- whether it be for weight loss, fitness or overall well-being. We’re automating some of the top health and behavioral experts from Harvard and Stanford, known as the Lark Health Committee, so everyone can have them as their personal health coaches,” he adds. The free app gives you the opportunity to have your own personalized weight-loss, nutrition, sleeping and activity coaching.

In addition, Lark has added two new key features to benefit the users. The first one is targeted weight-loss coaching, with which users can get to know how healthy their meals are and the other one is meal logging chart, which gives users at-a-glance picture of eating habits and allows to track progress. Also, it provides feedback to each person in each interaction.