Larson Electronics Introduces Secure Power Distribution System for Operators

By CIOReview | Friday, October 9, 2015

KEMP, TX: To extend its power distribution system portfolio, Larson Electronics- a manufacturer of industrial lightning and electronics products has launched a portable and explosion proof power distributor ‘EPL-TX-1.5KVA-240-120X10’ sporting capacity to convert 240 volts AC into 120 volts AC.

Larson Electronics delivers an array of products line including explosion proof lightning, portable hazardous location lightning, high power LED lights, light towers and power distribution panels with KVA transformers to serve manufacturing facilities, refineries, military bases and oilfield operations.

Now, the latest power distribution system empowers electricians and operators to process 1500 watts of lightning and equipments within Class 1 Division 1 zones by utilizing SOOW cable. It accommodates 10 explosion proof twist lock receptacles rated at 20 amps each and 25' SOOW line terminated in an explosion proof plug. The transformer is mounted on a wheeled, power coated and non sparkling aluminum framework offering durability, security, corrosion resistivity and mobility to move it between in job sites within the hazardous environment.

“The easy to push cart design allows operators to move this unit from one location to another with ease,” says Rob Bresnahan with

It has open circuit potential (OCP) up to 12.5amps for 240V and 25 amps for 120V as well as facilitates operatorsusing 120V equipmentin hazardous locations with safemeasures to operate into commonly found 240Vequipments within explosion proof environment.