Larson Electronics Releases New LED Task Light with Retractable Cord

By CIOReview | Monday, August 24, 2015

KEMP, TX: The new WAL-DL-60LED-M-GCR50 LED Task Light with attached magnetic hook and 50’ retractable cord was released by Larson Electronics. It delivers a high durability with better light quality as compared to incandescent drop lights. 

Larson Electronic New LED drop light ideal for any environment includes general maintenance, construction, aircraft interior and shipyards. It offers a longer lamp life with shock resistance, cooler operation and better at handling task than the traditional drop lights.

The LED droplight is constructed to resist impact that can withstand drops, falls and rough handling and is equipped with 50,000 hour LED lamps. It also features 60 LED’s to produce a 120 lumen flood beam.

Unlike the traditional lamp that has glass bulb, LED does not have any filament or fragile housing to break during operation. It uses conducive materials that illuminate when electric current is applied. It provides instant lighting rather than waste time in warming or cooling to illuminate light. Since it runs in LED light source, there is reduced chance in accidental errors which makes it more reliable, stable and energy efficient.

The new droplight is equipped with magnetic hook that allows the operator to handle task with ease and comfort. The hook can be attached to the magnet located at the tip of the light or at the balanced point on the side of the light. It also has an attached polymer handle that adds durability to the drop light.

WAL-DL-60LED-M-GCR50 LED Task Light also features 50’ cable that enable lengthy movement for the operators connected with retractable cord reel to reduce tripping over excessive cable lying on the floor. The cord reel is designed to lift/drag 50’ of 18/2 SVT cable with 50’ active travel plus and an additional 2’ for wrap and hook. This reel is UL listed, has a yellow power coat finish to match the lamp, and includes a ball stop and a ratchet with a lockout feature.

“This new task light is light in weight and gives operators an easy to manage light source for general work use. Featuring LED technology, this light is practically indestructible and provides a longer operational lamp life compared to traditional incandescent task lights,” says Rob Bresnahan, President at Larson Electronics.