LaserCare Joined With PrintReleaf to Ameliorate Reforestation

By CIOReview | Wednesday, April 6, 2016

LOS ANGELES, CA: There have been several measures taken by many organizations to preserve trees and meliorate reforestation, particularly, PrintReleaf Exchange has been one among the all in the process of reforestation to aid customers trim down the environmental impingement through their flagship product—the PrintReleaf Exchange (PRX) software. Envisioning green action plan, LaserCare, joined with PrintReleaf to furnish its nationwide managed print service clients with a groundbreaking method to promote sustainable business practices and bring down the environmental impacts that can result from cutting down forests for purposes such as printing.

LaserCare is a print-copy-fax solutions company, located in Los Angeles. The company has recycled over 1,000,000 pounds of non-biodegradable waste that contributed a part of reduction in deforestation. PrintReleaf’s technology platform enables cloud-based forest products such as paper tracking and reforestation. PRX software has integrated with a patent-pending aggregation process that leverages the automatic transmission of fleet and device data collected by print management software on imaging devices. Through this process, PRX takes necessary action in the paper consumption and allows end users neutralize paper waste, improve efficiency, and participate certifiably in sustaining our global forests.

With the tracking system and technology of PRX, clients can easily discover the amount of paper used out of deforestation for printer purposes and can plant new trees for reforestation or “releaf” at global reforestation project sites of their own choice. Clients can be also informed with the areas of the planet need trees most through the integration of PrintReleaf with Global Forest Watch. Global Forest Watch, a platform hosted by World Resources Institute, offers customers with the heat map technology, which represents forest loss and gain across the globe.

Customers can track the growth, evolution, and survival of their trees planted for over an approximate eight year time frame for each tree through the online portal of PrintReleaf. Since the launch, PrintReleaf has measured nearly 100 mn pages and releafed 10,000 trees.

With this partnership, LaserCare’s customers have options to integrate social media, automatically sharing monthly Facebook and Twitter announcements of releaf transactions, which promote live participation in the sustainable business practices.