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Laserfiche Announces Laserfiche 10.1 with Enhanced Content Management Capabilities

By CIOReview | Wednesday, May 18, 2016
Karl Chan, President and CTO of Laserfiche

Karl Chan, President and CTO of Laserfiche

LONG BEACH, CA: Laserfiche, a premier Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solution provider, recently introduced its new ECM offering—Laserfiche 10.1, encapsulating enhanced collaboration and business process automation tools.

As most enterprises are dealing with managing heavy flow of content on a day-to-day basis, ECM plays a vital role in helping them extract suitable content to construct the necessary business models and improve the decision-making process through strategic implementation.

Laserfiche 10.1 allows organizations to securely manage content, automate document-driven business processes, and improve decision-making efficiency. The company’s state-of-the-art ECM system transforms documents and unstructured information into actionable insights in an easy and fast manner. It also enables organizations with intuitive and result-oriented analysis reports to enhance operational efficiency.

In addition, Laserfiche 10.1 boosts the ECM implementation allowing enterprises to achieve the business goals in a defined time frame. With the help of ECM system’s case management capability, users can easily import pre-configured processes from Laserfiche’s Business Process Library to leverage the benefits of its latest ECM offering that simplifies process optimization. Laserfiche’s social community platform, Laserfiche Discussions also enables users to undertake team discussions, messaging, and document linking to increase teamwork and collaboration. Furthermore, ECM applications’ content analytics functionality empowers managers with improved data-driven decision-making. Laserfiche 10.1 provides analytics reports in an intuitive dashboard format with actionable insights like staff performance, task status and served workload. 

“Laserfiche’s ECM solution enables streamlined digital workflows and takes a proactive approach to address customer needs as it optimizes business processes across different industries,” said Karl Chan, President and CTO, Laserfiche. “Enterprises can now accelerate ECM implementations to achieve business goals—whether that’s saving millions of dollars, driving revenue growth or complying with industry regulations on information security and compliance.”

Laserfiche’s new offering Laserfiche 10.1 comes just after the company launched Laserfiche 10 in January 2016. Subsequently, driven by the technical expertise and business acumen of Chan, the firm is certain to continue pushing the boundaries of innovation and looks forward to strengthen its ECM capabilities to meet the evolving needs of the customers.