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Latest Financial Industry Collaborations: Efforts to Enhance Customer Experiences

By CIOReview | Wednesday, December 19, 2018
Gregory Bailey, CEO & Founder

Gregory Bailey, CEO & Founder

The financial sector is undergoing rapid expansion in terms of strong growth of existing financial services companies and emergence of new entities into the market. But, with modern tech-savvy consumers, many financial services and insurance companies are unable to strike the right chord.

Denim®, headquartered in Des Moines,offers the most intelligent marketing platform for financial services companies to attract consumers by enabling marketing teams to create and manage micro-targeted mobile and social media ad campaigns.

Bailey, CEO, and founder of Denim says, “At Denim, we develop solutions that bring together the continua of data, artificial intelligence, mobile, digital engagement platforms, and people.” With the continuous sequence of its ideas, Denim delivers mobile-enabled customer experiences. Also, Denim maximizes the existing capabilities of financial institutions and insurance companies. The Denim platform allows financial advisors and agents to scale their marketing on behalf of their distribution network.

In order to personalize the marketing, Denim has collaborated with StartupbootcampColabInsurTech London (SBC Colab). SBC Colabidentifies insurers’ priorities within the business processes and accordingly enable them to bridge the gaps in their operations with relevant technologies. With this partnership, Denim intends to leverage international opportunities.

 At Denim, we develop solutions that bring together the continua of data, artificial intelligence, mobile, digital engagement platforms, and people.​  

The Denim team interacts with CMOs, marketing vice presidents, CIOs, and other decision-makers in its customer organization to discuss strategies for brand engagement and field marketing opportunities. The company then brings the new technology and huge data set to endure and aligns it with the data and systems of the customer to create custom marketing campaigns.

In October 2019, Denim received international recognition by being recognized as an InsurTech 100 company by London-based FinTech Global. The emerging technologies have created innovations and digital transformation in the fintech industry. The adoption of technology in the company enables marketers to deliver customized marketing messages at the right time and to reduce the time to value.

Denim has enabled its customers to engage with mobile, social, and any digital means. With this data received, the company is intending to build the world’s most intelligent mobile marketing platform for financial services.

Denim has deployed these solutions to enable financial institutions to improve their work efficiency and to enhance their performance by using consumer data to the best potential.