Latest Infinio Accelerator 2.0 to Enable Superior Scale-out I/O Optimization Platform

By CIOReview | Monday, October 6, 2014

SAN FRANCISCO, NC: Infinio, provider of I/O optimization for virtualized data centers, demonstrated new capabilities incorporated in v2.0 of Infinio Accelerator, at the recently held VMworld Solutions Exchange.

“Last year we introduced the 1.0 version of our product at VMworld, and were honored it was a finalist for the ‘Best New Technology’ award,” says Arun Agarwal, Infinio Co-founder and CEO. “This year we’re excited to show what’s coming next in version 2.0. The I/O optimization product category is exploding, and we look forward to showing the community why Infinio’s new offering is the best on the market.”

Infinio Accelerator was designed to help virtualization administrators scale storage performance to support growing virtualized enterprise applications and desktops, without expensive upgrades to storage hardware or implementation of new hardware. New features included are:

SAN and Unified Storage support: In addition to support for the NFS storage protocol, v2.0 will also include full support for Fibre Channel, iSCSI, FCoE, and environments with multiple protocols. Uninhibited by storage protocol customers choose, the Infinio user experience remains the same, including wizard-driven installation, zero operational impact, and instant access to advanced reporting.

Application-level reporting: Infinio v2.0 adds the ability to start with a weekly datastore performance view and drill all the way down to a minute-by-minute per-application view of storage performance. Users can easily identify peak latency spikes, and then explore to determine which workloads are responsible for increasing the load on storage, and which workloads needs to be Infinio cached.

Cache Advisor for smart sizing of memory: This new feature is created to assist administrators in determining how much RAM to dedicate to Infinio’s cache. While many customers achieve strong results with the default 8 GB of RAM per host, this new feature will allow them to select any period of time and calculate performance requirements, and will also allow administrators to fine-tune cache size for optimal results.

Apart from these additional features, with v2.0, Infinio has synced the cache with heuristics and algorithms that better support VDI workloads. This will help virtualization administrators provide a better experience to virtual desktop users while driving down the cost of VDI deployments.