Latest Solutions from HP Accords a Unique Dimension to Print Security

By CIOReview | Tuesday, July 14, 2015

PALO ALTO, CA: HP recently updated its solutions and services to match up to the demands of its customers by providing them with superior security and efficiency for their print environment.

The new features are delivered in a spate to enhance the quality of securing sensitive corporate data and curb the frequent cyber security breaches.

One of its new features is HP Access Control. It maintains document confidentiality, improves regulatory compliance and saves on toner and paper. It also eliminates the need for servers in small, branch offices. Moreover, the enhancement can also now serve as a managed mobility solution, allowing mobile device users to print via email to the secure pull print queue. It is subject to the same access control, tracking and security measures as print jobs initiated by PC’s or laptops on the company network.

Now customers can also use HP’s policy-based security monitoring and management solution to protect a wider range of printers as the HP JetAdvantage Security Manager has expanded device coverage to include recent Pro-class HP LaserJet printers. In terms of geographic coverage, HP is expanding its security advisors in Europe and Asia too.

For greater security through analytics and automation, HP has come up with a new module called the HP Capture and Route solution by adding forms recognition capabilities. Now paper documents can be easily scanned and digitally managed. These capabilities are offered through integration with HP Big Data, HP Teleform and HP Process Automation further enhancing security, compliance, and information governance for a range of industries.

HP has also launched the Proactive Print Advisor, a service providing customers with customized reporting, analysis and recommendations based on their individual print environment. This service helps reduce the printer management load for IT organizations by providing recommendations on how to optimize their print fleet for cost effectiveness, policy enforcement, and to be instantly updated.