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Latest SQL Recovery Tool to Help Businesses with Large Database

By CIOReview | Wednesday, August 5, 2020

The latest SQL recovery tool is found to be the most powerful and effective for corrupt SQL server databases, which will be useful for businesses with large databases in particular.

FREMONT, CA: DataNumen, the industry leader in data recovery and technology releases update, which is the most effective SQL recovery tool.  Numen SQL Recovery 5.0 recovery rate and speed while maintaining industry lead for accuracy. The result is a solution that can repair vast corrupt databases better and faster than any other product on the market. The latest version, DataNumen SQL Recovery 5.0, offers three significant upgrades, including improved recovery rate, improved recovery speed, eliminates useless objects.

SQL Server, trusted by businesses across the globe, is the most famous database management system in Windows. However, it is most vulnerable to corruption, and the build-in commands are ineffective at repairing many of the corrupt and damaged files. A recent study by Backblaze found that nearly half (46%) of the users experienced data loss each year from hardware malfunctions, software corruption, malicious malware and viruses, and human error, which puts every business at risk. For organizations with large databases, in particular, the recovery process can be extremely time-taking and costly. DataNumen SQL Recovery changes that.

DataNumen SQL Recovery is the pioneering SQL Server recovery tool that boasts the industry's highest recovery rate (92.6%). It can remediate corrupt or damaged MDF and NDF databases, including corruption caused by several errors or incidences. The software automatically analyzes source data for inconsistencies and recovers the tables, records, and other objects inside it.

The program can rapidly process files as big as 16 terabytes, all with a simple click from any Windows device. In addition to that, the company's100 percent satisfaction guarantee ensures that users get a full refund if some other application is able to recover more data from a database than DataNumen SQL Recovery can.