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Latest Tech Advancements Changing the Outlook of Healthcare

By CIOReview | Friday, August 2, 2019

Technology is providing the healthcare industry with opportunities to undertake profoundly meaningful and crucial developments towards better diagnosis, procedures, and services.

FREMONT, CA: Technology is helping the healthcare industry to continually evolve to extend its valuable services and improve clinical and patient experiences. The rapid advancement in technology and digitalization has provided the industry with an extensive range of tools, techniques, and solutions to take healthcare to the next level. Some of the modern technological interventions that are impacting the industry are listed here. 

• Telemedicine

With highly developed network capacities and widespread use of personal mobile devices, doctors and patients have a chance to change how healthcare fundamentally works. Now, rather than an actual visit to the clinic, patients can use their devices to consult a doctor. Video conferencing and smartphone apps have created this convenient form of engagement wherein a doctor can do diagnosis or a checkup remotely. Hence, the limitations like accessibility are ruled out. Personal wearable devices that can read and report health metrics have also been vital to this development. 

• Virtual Reality

Virtual reality, a technology which can provide immersive virtual experiences has applications in the health industry as well. With its features, training healthcare professionals like doctors and surgeons become easier and effective. Apart from that, virtual reality also has applications in providing relief and rehabilitation for patients battling mental health and acute pain.

• Targeted Medication

Increasing technological abilities have enabled in-depth examinations and tests for disorders. Hence, medication has become highly targeted and personalized. By evaluating and understanding an individual's conditions, doctors can administer medication that is more effective in treatment. Nanomedicine is a fast-developing area, and it can lead to effective improvements in medicine administration.

• Robot-Assisted Surgery

Painless and less intrusive processes are a big relief for patients. The medical industry is on its way to make procedures highly patient-friendly and accurate. One of the significant factors in this development will be the adoption and use of robots. Robot-assisted surgeries can improve and standardize quality and reduce complications.

Deploying technologies in the field of healthcare have opened up diverse and vastly advantageous opportunities that can lead to an overall betterment in the industry.

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