Latest Trends in the Public Sector
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Latest Trends in the Public Sector

By CIOReview | Monday, June 7, 2021

Technology will continue to transform the public sector in 2021 because government agencies can use the pandemic for technology advancements. 

FREMONT, CA :2020 was a year that nobody could have predicted, but it highlighted the need for unprecedented resilience and versatility in the public sector. It needed to adapt quickly, break down obstacles, exchange information, and provide services to its people.

This accomplishment would not have been possible without technology. Governments and organizations with foresight recognized the role of digital technologies in delivering citizen benefits. According to a study, remote working, IT modernization, and cybersecurity have all become critical, with 60 percent of the government officials believing the pandemic has driven digital transformation in their organization.

As the digital transformation of government progresses in 2021, some of the technology trends are likely to drive the public sector.

IT modernization is task number one 

To help with modernization and technology adoption, public sector organizations will increasingly turn to digital platforms to enable the rapid development of new systems and information sharing among staff, agencies, and people. The government will deliver reliable, connected public services in a difficult period of increased demand and shrinking budget by adopting the switch to digital platforms in 2021 and beyond.

Cloud is the key enabler 

In 2021, the government will be using cloud services' software-driven design to streamline and automate a highly complicated and distributed infrastructure while maintaining resilience, continuity, and security.

Remote working is here to stay 

Government organizations' business models will change in 2021 to include the business process that connects offices with offsite workspaces. The citizen experience must become more aligned with the employee experience as part of the organization's end-to-end digital environment in order to reap the full benefits of these emerging models.

IoT helps to combine the digital and physical worlds

Surveillance has fueled the government deployment of IoT technologies so far. Things can change a lot in 2021. The rise of cloud and edge computing, combined with the Internet of Things, would open up new possibilities for smart cities, improved supply chains, and automated service delivery.