Latest Version of Axosoft Focuses on User Experience

By CIOReview | Thursday, April 7, 2016

FREMONT, CA: Axosoft, a company that deals in agile project management software has recently come up with an update on its Axosoft software. The latest upgrade, Version 16.2 which is user-experience focused comes with several new features as well as improvements on the previous ones.

The company has completely rebuilt the ‘Audit Trails’  and have  included new audits on several objects including Projects, Releases, Users & Teams, and others across the application. It has also enabled the clients to activate, deactivate, or unlock multiple users as well as copy, move and duplicate up to 100 items at once.

Version 16.2 comes with enhancements such as - multi-select lists can now be quickly filtered from the column headers in list view, enabling users to tag an item with several options.

The software has been programmed to update the Remaining Estimate field when users enter values in the Initial Estimate field.  However, if a value is manually entered into the Remaining Estimate field, it accepts the entered data as well. Team filters for the Stand Up burndown charts are being made available. Among other improvements, the pin option has been removed on Organize, Details and Bottom panels. Adding work log entries on associated items has also been made easier.

Apart from the improvements, the company has made certain fixes to the previous version features. They include: Zendesk updated app integration being approved, Durations “d” keyboard shortcut now works in All Items type tabs, deleting hundreds of items in one go has been fixed. The problem associated with queuing of mails that were  larger than the maximum size has also been fixed.