Latest Version of Revolution R Enterprise Expedites Data Insight

By CIOReview | Tuesday, September 15, 2015

FREMONT, CA: Revolution, a provider of industry grade Big Data analytics platform has unveiled the availability of its preview version ‘Revolution R Enterprise 7.4.1 (RRE)’ on Microsoft Azure cloud computing platform through Windows and Linux driven virtual machines.

The extended RRE capabilities include Teradata database, Cloudera, Hortonworks, MapR Hadoop, HPC Server cluster and Windows 10 support. Version 7.4.1 allows default installation on Revolution R Open data analysis software and enhances support for importing from and exporting to composite Character Separated File CSV and Extensible Data Format (XDF) files. It accommodates Intel Math Kernel Libraries for high performance matrix and vector math, RevoScaleR – Revolution’s proprietary library of parallelized scalable big data routines and RevoDeployR tools for deploying analytics models and applications as web services.

RRE 7.4.1 consists Interactive Development Environment (IDE) based on Revolution’s Visual Studio to enable developers rapidly execute accurate R programming for statistical computing and graphics.

Now customers can have on-demand access to predictive analytics to optimize operations and accelerate data insight through the Azure Marketplace, an online store for open source and software applications pre-configured for Microsoft Azure. Revolution’s product will get integrated with Cortana Analytics- a managed Big Data and advanced analytics suite.

The Azure Marketplace allows users to run computations on data sets up to 1 terabyte on cloud-based Windows and Linux multi-CPUs. Users can also access data copied from an Azure data store or SQL Server.

RRE adorns “write once deploy anywhere” functionality that enable data analysts to write code once and deploy it anywhere, such as data management platforms, enterprise data warehouses, grids, clusters, servers and workstations,  eliminating cost and time spent on re-coding or re-engineering.