Lattice Engines' New Lead Enrichment Feature Facilitates Improved Lead Generation

By CIOReview | Thursday, March 17, 2016

SAN MATEO, CA: Marketing solutions provider, Lattice Engines has integrated lead enrichment capabilities to its sales applications for both inbound and outbound leads. The new feature helps clients identify leads, based on the key attributes of ideal buyers, which are then recorded in to their existing Marketing Automation Platform (MAP) or CRM system. The lead enrichment feature offers thousands of such attributes, brought together from Lattice Data Cloud sources and from companies like HGData and BuiltWith.

The data attributes are segregated into two categories­– technology indicators and firmographic, enabling companies to find high quality leads and identify prospects willing to do business. Web technologies, behind the firewall technologies, and security technologies come under technology indicators, while firmographic attributes include company name, address, revenue, number of employees, among others.

Lattice’s machine learning then helps companies allot scores for prospective buyers and prioritize leads by uncovering their key attributes. This lets sales teams segment leads into various programs and tactics that may include web technologies like Google Analytics, NewRelic, and Salesforce. In addition, segmentation provides only the most relevant data to the marketing teams, thereby allowing them leverage on the information within seconds.

"The demand is high for targeted segments that will enable companies to run scalable, account-based marketing campaigns," said Shashi Upadhyay, CEO, Lattice Engines. "Our new lead enrichment capabilities enhance the account data companies can collect on prospects, and enables them to put that new information into action immediately."